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Sunshade Blades

Light protection and ventilation for rooms

The perfect combination of privacy and comfort.


The range of profiles and accessories offers the ability to meet any architectural requirement.
The fixed-blade system makes it possible to create screens with blades at a set inclination. The clamps (designed to support 200 mm cord blades) offer a wide range of adjustment and versatility in installation.
The swiveling blade system consisting of upright profile, movement rod and blades of different cross-section (to cover different architectural and/or structural requirements) is simple and quick to install.
Assembling the blades to the uprights, connecting the driving rod to the end caps does not require any step drilling work; thanks to the special "T-slots" the uprights and the rod are equipped with, the interaxle spacing can be varied as required using standard steel screws. Preparation and installation operations are greatly simplified.


Ellipsoidal blades are available in cord lengths from: 150 – 200 – 300* – 400*- 500* and 600* mm.
*Sections from 300 mm up to 600 mm are modular.
The orientation of the blades can be operated either manually (heavy joint fork) or electrically (electric actuator). The maximum opening angle of the blades is 140°.
The fixed-slat sunshade system offers the possibility of creating protection and ventilation of technical rooms, stairwells or wherever privacy and comfort are required.

Control unit

A control unit capable of controlling up to 4 actuators, individually and simultaneously is available for electric movement. Control can be done by remote control and/or button.
The control unit can manage the sensors: wind, rain and brightness.

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