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Foundry, aluminum extrusion and coating, surface and custom finishes, machining.

Founded in 1986 by entrepreneur Nicola Benedetto under the name B.B.C. S.p.A., it came under the control and coordination of the MV Line Group in 2017 and since November 2021 has changed its corporate name to MV Extrusion S.p.A., managed by a Board of Directors whose chairman is Mr. Paolo Montanaro, founder of the MV Line Group.

The company carries out various industrial activities: foundry, aluminum extrusion and coating, surface finishing and machining.
It operates with two plants in Bernalda (MT) and Pisticci Scalo (MT) on a total area of 11.000 square meters and with more than 130 employees.

As of 2018, the company has initiated major investments. In fact, it has doubled its production capacity in both foundry industrial activity and aluminum extrusion through an agreement with Danieli Breda, which allows it to verticalize the production process and optimize the capacity of the foundry, extrusion and coating, achieving better management of delivery times as well as accurate Quality control.

The company, which is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified, has always been committed to environmental protection and respect.

Aluminum processing

Melting/holding/casting furnace with a capacity of 10.000 Kg.

The current extrusion plant consists of a 1400-ton press with rapid feed and a 1600-ton press, in cooperation with Danieli-with a new extrusion line, featuring advanced management systems (Industry 4.0) and directly connected with the company's management system.
Extrusion dies, supervised by highly qualified personnel, are used in a variety of industries, from automotive to mechanical engineering, construction and transportation.

Heat treatment
Aging treatment in a furnace for about 5 hours at a temperature between 180 °C and 190 °C, thus achieving the required mechanical properties while obtaining the highest quality.

Verniciatura a polvere B.B.C.
Verniciatura a polvere

From extrusion to color

Coating Process
The company is equipped with vertical, fully automatic plant for pretreatment and powder coating of profiles.

The company also has a Real Wood coating plant for "Wood Effect" finishes, which allows for wood effects by transferring polyester powders of different colors directly into the powder coating layer of the base, achieving optimal results both aesthetically and in terms of UV and weather resistance.

Product catalog

It operates with two plants in Bernalda (MT) and Pisticci Scalo (MT) on a total area of 11.000 sq. m. and with about 90 employees. The extensive product catalog consists of profiles for window frames, mechanisms for shutters, and outdoor sun protection systems, including bioclimatic pergolas and sunshade blades.

The company's flagship product is the Orienta, a roller shutter with adjustable slats that differs from traditional products in its ability to allow controlling the passage of light and air exchange when the shutter is lowered, without using the mechanisms inside the rails and with a completely identical installation to standard roller shutters.

Automation and control, for the highest quality

The activities of our plants

fase di gestione della colata dell'alluminio fuso negli stampi
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