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Orienta 2.0 / Mini Orienta

The roller shutter with adjustable slats to ventilate and manage the passage of light in the interior spaces.

Orienta is the rolling shutter with adjustable slats. A synthesis between a roller blind and a shutter, it only offers the best of both products.
Often, when using roller blind we have to choose whether to pull up the blind to let in fresh air or lower it to provide protection from the sun and privacy.
In a single solution, Orienta allows you to ventilate, illuminate and protect your house from the sun under entirely safe conditions. It works without any mechanisms inside the rails, which means it can be installed as a normal roller blind both in new and existing buildings.

It does not require any maintenance and ensures consistent operation over time.
The product can be operated manually, a winch or a drive unit. On the market, there are motors with a radio control featuring three limit stops. You can save the wound blind, closed blind and adjusted blind positions.
We recommend using motors with a low rpm value, preferably 12 – 15 rpm.

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